How can Particle help?

Providers struggle to get a complete understanding of their patient’s health due to fragmented data across providers. Currently, manual record retrieval and data entry is time consuming, costly, and error prone.



Make data-driven decisions

A complete view of your patient’s longitudinal health journey immediately makes treatment safer and more effective.

Improve operational workflows

Eliminate manual record retrieval with API-powered onboarding. Quickly pull patient history before an appointment in order to optimize time at the point of care.


Personalize treatment

Access to a patient's historic health data, (like vitals, medications, diagnoses, and labs) enables providers to take a more proactive, preventative approach to care. 

Longitudinal history, right from the start

Clean, accurate, and comprehensive data. Just provide basic patient demographics and Particle will deliver a summarized patient history in minutes including diagnoses, medications, vitals, labs, procedures, providers, and more.

The best part? We can deliver data exactly where you need it. Access via direct API integration or empower providers and care teams with rapid, no-code implementation through Patient Snapshot - our web-based user interface.


Ready to connect?

Let’s discuss how we can help your organization streamline new patient onboarding and appointment prep.