How can Particle help?

Relying on single-provider EMR data creates a silo between providers and payers, making it difficult to identify and reconcile high-impact gaps in care.

With the right data, providers can coordinate care across settings and payers can better engage providers and patients in prevention and wellness.



Surface completed screenings

Comprehensive clinical history aggregates data across all providers and EMRs, so you can identify what care gaps to prioritize.


Identify patients at risk

Layering predictive analytics on top of clinical and claims data gives providers and payers a head start in identifying who may need to come in for a screening, instead of waiting for the last two months of the year.


Improve quality measures

Closing gaps in care improves quality measures like CMS Star Ratings and HEDIS scores, ultimately impacting how health plans are reimbursed for care and how they are able to market their plan in the future.

Prioritize closing critical gaps in care

More than 200 million people are enrolled in health plans that report HEDIS results - making preventative health a critical component of value-based success. Particle surfaces gaps in care from comprehensive, longitudinal data in order to provide an accurate picture of a patient's health.

Quickly prioritize preventive procedures that will move the needle on quality measures and patient outcomes.


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