How can Particle help?

Without access to the right data, patients may experience a critical delay in treatment which can have a drastic impact on their health.



Get the whole story

By assessing clinical patient data at scale, organizations can identify patients who meet specific program criteria, like GLP-1 treatment.


Quickly triage patients

Particle surfaces relevant data including vitals, test results, medications, and diagnoses so you can spend less time sifting through medical records.


Personalize treatment

Historical data on how a patient has responded to similar treatments in the past can help in predicting which therapies might be best in the future.

Power treatment decisions with the right data

Quickly surface the data you need to determine who is a strong candidate for certain treatment programs. Particle generates a unified patient profile by gathering information across providers and EMRs, normalizing data, and removing duplicates to give you the cleanest picture of your patient's health. This standardization is critical when using data to determine the best treatment plan, as medications and conditions are often coded differently across systems.

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Particle powers treatment matching for oncology patients

xCures is a company that helps identify and rank the most promising treatment options for people with cancer who have exhausted the standard of care. 

The Problem
It’s difficult for cancer patients, their families, and their partners to gather the data needed to apply for treatment programs. These patients have historically had to call every provider they’ve received treatment from to hunt down the necessary documents.

The Solution
Using Particle, xCures can pull comprehensive, relevant data from thousands of providers via one connection in minutes - enhancing their ability to enroll patients in critical oncology treatments.


“xCures is able to deliver our insights and services to patients and physicians when they need them most"

— Zachary Kaufman, Director of Product Management, xCures

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