How can Particle help?

Readmissions are expensive, costing $15,200 on average per patient across all payers. Avoid penalties for high readmission rates and maximize value-based reimbursement by monitoring high-risk patients in real-time.



Optimize care transitions

In order to provide effective interventions and outreach during and after a health event, clinicians and care teams need to know when a patient is admitted and discharged. 


Get timely context

In addition to real-time alerts, care teams need to know why a patient went to the hospital. This means capturing discharge summaries, encounter notes, medication updates, and more.


Identify risk factors

Patients with one or more chronic conditions are much more likely to experience high cost readmissions. Comprehensive clinical data helps you identify your most vulnerable patients.

Monitor your high-risk patients

Particle provides the real-time alerts plus the clinical context you need to power discharge workflows so you can intervene fast. How does it work?

  • Enroll Patients: Submit a roster of patients to enroll, and Particle’s system will get up to speed on their health history.
  • Monitor Activity: We'll proactively alert you with clinical context like discharge summaries, medication updates, upcoming appointments, lab results, and more.
  • Intervene Fast: Kick off internal care flows to reduce readmissions and optimize care transitions.

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