How can Particle help?

Keeping track of external referrals is tough. In fact, data shows that only around 35% of referrals result in documented, complete appointments. We're here to change that.



Get appointment status updates

We'll let you know when a patient has scheduled or completed their referral appointment.


Eliminate chart chasing

No more faxing - we'll automatically send over specialist encounter notes including any changes in medications and diagnoses, plus new test results. 


Boost quality performance

Closing the referral loop is a key priority for quality payment programs like MIPS. Optimizing your referral management can lead to improved value-based reimbursement.

Monitor your external patient referrals

Particle provides the real-time alerts plus the clinical context you need to power your referral management workflowsHow does it work?

  • Enroll Patients: Send us an individual patient or a list of referral organizations to proactively monitor.
  • Monitor Activity: We'll track the patient’s appointment status, notifying you when a referral has been scheduled or completed
  • Return Encounter Data: If the appointment was completed, we will send over the specialist encounter notes including updated medications, procedures, new diagnoses, lab results, and more. 
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Let’s discuss how we can help your organization close the referral loop and boost quality performance.