How can Particle help?

5% of the population accounts for over half of all healthcare spending. Identifying your most at risk patients is critical for reducing costs.



Prevent disease progression

Tracking vitals and lab results allows you to identify patients who are at risk of developing conditions like diabetes, enabling you to intervene before costly complications can occur.


Manage medications

Ensuring high risk patients pick up their medications is key for maintaining health. Non-adherence can account for up to 50% of treatment failures and up to 25% of hospitalizations each year in the US.


Identify diagnosis gaps

RAF scores reflect an individual patient's risk, which directly impacts value-based reimbursement. Comprehensive clinical history enables organizations to improve risk-coding accuracy at scale.

What you don't know might cost you

Particle aggregates health data across all providers, empowering organizations to gain a better understanding of their patient's risk level by assessing things like ER admissions, disease progression, and chronic disease burden. This information fuels the shift from reactive to proactive care, ultimately reducing downstream care costs.

Plus, Particle keeps tabs on high risk patients in real-time, alerting you on new care events like medications updates, diagnoses, ER visits, and specialty care appointments.

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