Intervene fast

Particle is your one consolidated source for event notifications plus clinical data, all in a single integration.


Reduce readmissions

Value-based care providers can utilize ADT Alerts to prevent hospital readmissions by promptly assigning a care manager and scheduling follow-up appointments.

Boost quality measures 

Accessing specialist encounter notes, closing the referral loop, and preventing readmissions helps move the needle on key quality measures for value-based care.

Risk stratify patients

Care organizations can update a patient’s risk level based on acute events to ensure higher touch interactions, enabling targeted interventions for improved outcomes.

Let us handle the integrations

Instead of integrating into each individual hospital system to get their ADT alerts, plug into Particle instead. We aggregate alerts from over 10,000 hospital systems and care facilities in a single integration, proudly partnering with Bamboo, Healthix (NY), and Manifest Medex (CA).


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How does it work?

  • Submit a roster of patients in your population to be monitored
  • Automatically receive ADT alerts with key clinical context as soon as they're emitted from our hospital system partners
  • Take action -- the ADT event will be in HL7 format that can be parsed and used to drive workflows in your system 
ADT Feed Particle Query

Built on a powerful API platform

300 million+ FHIR-enabled records

Patient records accessible in FHIR and C-CDA formats, straight from our API.

90%+ EMR coverage


Including Cerner, Greenway Health, Epic, athenahealth, GE Healthcare & more.

140K+ connections

Our API has connections to 140K+ health systems, practices, and clinics in the US.

~90%+ Query Success Rate

We deliver the highest QSR in the industry with 135 records found for every successful query.

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